Martial Arts

kimono half long

Permanent offer for club members: If the website of your club is linked to Soi-Zen, we offer to customize your hakama or keikogi for free. See the section "embroidery" then indicate your choice in the section "comments" of the order of your hakama or keikogi.


Traditional straight kimono jacket specially designed for martial arts. Resistant material, closes with small cords.


This is an elegant kimono, lenght midtigh, to be worn with your hakama.


You can customize your kimono with an embroidery of your choice (for a quotation or any particular request, please contact me by e-mail). See section embroidery.

Also available for your zekken.


You can provide me with the fabric of your choice, do not hesitate to ask me for an advice.



  • 100% cotton poplin: pretty cotton for a nice outfit

  • 100% cotton: classical, light

  • 100% cotton batiste : lightweight cotton, beautiful texture (doubled inside on the shoulders and hip)

  • 35% cotton / 65% polyester: enables light clothing that does not wrinkle

  • natural silk noil: soft and comfortable

  • viscose/linen: see comment hereafter

  • 100% cotton twill: thick, good performance.

  • gabardin cotton 100%: semi heavy cotton, high performance



Cleaning advice:

Wash up to 86°F (30° C). A hot wash or too much spin shrink cotton.

Tailor-made. See control panel.

N.B: Your waist or hip measurement is greater than 120cm, an additional 10€ is requested.

In this case add the ref.KH1 to your order.


100% lightweight cotton
Ref. Color NET price
KHcc camel 83,00 €
KHcb white 83,00 €
KHcg light gray 83,00 €
gabardine cotton 100%
Ref. Color NET price
KHgn black 93,00 €
KHgb white 93,00 €
KHgbm navy blue 93,00 €
KHgm dark brown 93,00 €
Poplin 100% cotton
Ref. Color NET price
KHpn black 88,00 €
KHpb white 88,00 €
KHpbm navy blue 88,00 €
KHpg anthracite 88,00 €
Serge 100% cotton
Ref. Color NET price
KHsn black 88,00 €
KHsb white 88,00 €
KHsbm navy blue 88,00 €
Serge 35% cotton 65% polyester
Ref. Color NET price
KHspn black 88,00 €
KHspb white 88,00 €
KHspbm navy blue 88,00 €
batiste cotton
Ref. Color NET price
KHb white 93,00 €
your material
Ref. Color NET price
KH2 your material 68,00 €
Ref. Color NET price
KH1 waist or hip greater than 120cm 11,00 €